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Construction Engineering

Construction Engineering Support Capability exists for the following:

  1. Checking Material Take Offs (MTO) & Preparation of Bill of Quantities (BOQ)
  2. Constructability Review of Approved For Construction (AFC) Package
  3. Generation of Discipline Shop Drawings
    • Structural - Fabrication Details, Piece Details, Weld Numbering, Joint Numbering, NDE Map
    • iping - Spool Numberings, Weld Numbering, Joint Numbering NDE Map
    • Pressure Vessel- Fabrication Details, Pieces Details, Weld Numbering, Joint Numbering, NDE Map
  4. Generation of Steelwork Cutting Plans / Cutting List
  5. Generation of Cutting Path for Steal
  6. Collation of Sub
  7. Generation of Site Instructions
  8. Material Control

Post Fabrication Support Includes As-Built Drawings